How This Site Came About

I first heard about Bitcoin a few years ago, but they had pretty much fallen off my radar until the events beginning in March 2013. After following Bitcoin’s growth over that period I decided I wanted to find some way to become involved with Bitcoin. Just buying and holding some Bitcoins seemed good, but was neither exciting nor involved enough for me. I also knew that if I tried trading on the markets I’d be left with nothing. So I decided I’d set up shop and sell some shirts. I’d be able to make some Bitcoin all the while getting a real sense for how it functions as a currency.

Why T-shirts? I’ve been screen printing since 1998, over half my life. I’ve formerly done wholesale printing and have been been printing online retail orders since 2007 along with my family.

Be sure to take advantage of our current 15% off sale by using the coupon code 15Off during checkout. I hope you find a design you like, if you have an idea for something you’d like to see feel free to pitch a shirt idea by emailing me at